Stories (series)


By: ​Valentina.

Jessica woke up to the sound of her alarm clock,she yawned and stretched her legs lazily..”Its 6:00am already”she murmured as she went downstairs and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast for her mother…”Jessica was turning in to a young beautiful lady her daughter was almost done with secondary school,”time flies”she thought to her self as she watched her cooking..”Something smells nice”Mrs Adams said as she went to hug her daughter,she set up the plates on the dining table and they both sat down to eat..As she looked at her daughter, memoried of joseph flooded back in to her head,Jessica looked just like her father..”Mother,why are you thinking?”Is the food not tasty”jessica asked..”Its nothing dear,just thinking of how today is going to be remember Diana is coming over today”


 James rested on his bed.He had just gotten back from london and he would resume school tommorow..He couldn’t wait to see Jessica..They had been dating for two years..He imagined her bright smile,long slender arms and legs and her willowy body,she was just perfect for him..The only thing that bothered him was Nancy..She was a bitch and a spoilt brat..He didnt like her but he just had to put up with her because of their parents Jessica I opened the door to see Diana smiling at me..She was my best friend since childhood.Diana was a sort of girl who probably swapped toys for boys at the age of eleven.. “Are you ready jessy”she said excitedly..The reason for her excitement was because my mother was taking us to one of the biggest shopping mall in Lagos..It is for the poor and rich because everyone could afford the goods there..I and Diana looked at bags and shoes because we were resuming school tomorrow…There i saw my worst enemy staring at me from a distance…It was no other than Nancy. Nancy I was looking for new clothes around the mall for school when i saw Jessica..As i saw Jessica my heart burned with anger.Why did she have to be here today of all days when James was with me.But i was not going to take any chances..I was determined to make Jessica jealous..I dragged James along to the shoe section where Jessica was staying and started talking with him flirtatiously so that she would notice..”Do you think these shoes will fit me?”i asked drawing him closer to me .But he paid no attention to me..He headed straight to Jessica and her mother.. 


As i saw James approaching me..I was very nervous but i was with mum and Diana..I could see nancy boiling with anger from faraway.James was cute,he had those brown eyes that brought out his smile..He greeted my mum politely.I told her he was a very good friend and it was obvious he was dissappointed..I hugged him and promised we would see at school tomorrow.. It was monday morning,time for school..My mum dropped i and Diana at the school..”Be a good girl “she said as she drove away..I frowned my face,i was almost done with secondary school and she is still giving me advices..I watched as Diana laughed at me..I saw Nancy getting down from her Range Rover,she was the “spoilt rich girl”in our class..Nancy even had her own personal driver..I pretended not to see her in order to avoid any trouble,so i headed straight for class..


The holiday was finally over,all i could think about was seeing James..I saw Jessica,sometimes i wished she never came to our school..I was determined to do anything to make her life unbearable..”Make sure you come back to pickme early”i said to the driver as i headed to the class….

stay tuned for part two….

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