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​by: Valentinah


At class i went straight to jessica and suprisingly she hugged me tightly and gave me a peck on the cheek..I still had to apologise about not telling her about my trip to london,of course the trip was planned by my dad and Nancy’s Dad,our dad’s are both business partners,they tried to get us both together but i just didn’t love Nancy and of course nancy tried her best but my heart will still belong to Jessica..”This is for my Queen”..i said as i handed her a golden wrist watch,she was shocked and didn’t want to accept it until i lied that it was very cheap.I sat down as our teacher entered the class..Nancy quickly sat near me and started flirting with me..I tried as much as possible to control my anger because i didnt want any trouble with my parents..


I looked at the wrist watch,it was hard believing it was a cheap wrist watch,Diana was even saying it was real gold..Seeing Nancy with James made me want to give her a dirty slap,she had always been jealous of our relationship..It was Good i had my best friend Diana to give me courage..I decided to stop thinking and focus as our teacher had something important to tell us..”Due to our last year exams and votes,..your new head girl and class captain for the year is Jessica and the assistant head girl Nancy..I was really suprised because nancy had already boasted to the class that she was going to be the head girl..I and Nancy went to the front of the class to collect our badges and the way she looked at me really gave me the chills..Everybody clapped and congratulated me…


I was happy for my jessica,she was the smartest girl in our class,even more smarter than me,I never really thought she would accept to be my girlfriend but after many years of trying she finally accepted on the day i least expected..I walked towards her and gave her a congratulatory hand shake,i carried her around the class..”put me down James”she screamed playfully..Reluctantly i put her down..”We have to celebrate this,how about we go to the ice cream shop after school”i said excitedly holding her hands..”Dont forget am here too,Jessica is not the only genius here o”Diana said jokingly…”Miss Health prefect,we are going together,dont be a jealous besty”Jessica said as she drawed me closer..


As i sat down waiting for my driver,I was really angry,today was a bad day for me “A whole me asst head girl.I thought to myself.Natalya,my best friend had tried to console me telling me it was a good position and i should probably give up on getting James..I slapped her and told her to leave me alone.I hated Jessica right from our childhood because we attended the same school from when we were kids because Jessica was lucky to be given a scholarship,James would always give her his toys to play with because her mother could not afford to buy it for her and that was how they started till it lead to thier relationship which i had been trying to break for the past two years..I didnt understand why James didnt like me.I am rich,beautiful and i had almost all the things money could buy,why did he love that rag girl Jessica,she doesn’t even have a rich father.My driver finally arrived and i yelled at him for coming late and gave him two resounding slaps that even his great grand mother would hear wherever she was..”am not going home straight,I want you to stop at the ice cream shop,i have a celebration to ruin”i smiled devilishly to my self as my driver started the car…

incase you missed part one here it PRICE TO PAY FOR LOVE PRT 1.

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