By Vivian Thuo. 

“A true romantic will break the rules for the right reasons. He will not conform to the ideals bestowed upon him by society. Instead he will fight for a climate of freedom that allows him to pursue and obtain his heart’s true yearning. He will appear incorrect in his upright form, but such perception only through the eyes of those travelling under the hypnotic notion of social paradigms. Do not judge he who is breaking the rules, rather try to understand his motivations. If his intent is pure then his fight is not in vain.”
-Nicole Bonomi

It was Monday morning,  Diane was going to see her fiancé; she wanted to know his take on the cake she should pick for their wedding. Brian was a 6-ft tall, slender, chocolate man. A typical Kenyan I might add. But, he swept her off her feet, it was just a year ago when she accidentally spilled her soda on his white shirt at her best friend’s wedding. She saw the anger enraged in his cocoa brown-eyes; his eyes silently spoke volumes to her, they felt like a magnet attracting her yet, the coldness in them repelled her. She rushed to get a wet cloth to wipe off the stain. But, by the time she was back it was too late, he was nowhere to be seen. Little did she know what fate had in store for her. 

“Hi, Mrs. Brian” The secretary, Miss. Maria, greeted her. She waved her off. “Don’t go in there,”Miss. Maria protested. “He’s in a meeting.”

She was on a mission and nobody could change her mind. She knew Brian wouldn’t mind; they were in love, people do crazy things when they are in love. She grinned at the thought. She opened the door despite the protests from Maria. On his desk was his personal assistant, Miss.Ouma, half naked as her fiancé, Brian was on top of her. They both looked at her shock written all over their faces. She shut the door and turned around, Maria looked apologetically towards her. Then she did the only thing she knew how to do, she ran. Her eyes were filled with tears, everything was a blur. She entered her car and drove to their apartment. How could he do such a thing to her, it was only one week to their wedding, her sobs filled the apartment. She packed what was necessary and left a gift box on the table for him. Now all she felt was bitterness for him, he promised her the world, but gave her hell. She packed the luggage in her car and drove off, tears blurring her eyesight. Annette, their neighbor gasped as she saw Diane speed off at high speed. “These millennials are so reckless” she muttered under her breath. Nearby was a mechanic holding a spanner, smiling grimly. Diane couldn’t stop thinking about Brian; she knew she loved him, her heart ached for the love she lost. She knew that at some point, she’ll grow out of being attracted to that flame that burned her. She just hoped she wouldn’t be in the grave by then.A bright light headed towards her from the left. She tried to break, but the car wouldn’t. stop. It’s as if at that second her world came alive; that millisecond she realized that sometimes you have to lose everything in order to understand. As her car rolled down the hill she knew her time had dawned she no longer belonged to the world of the living. She smiled as blood encompassed her; you see red is such an interesting color to correlate with emotion, because it’s on both ends of the spectrum. And at that, a sudden blackness engulfed the red….

To be continued….

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