Dark heart vol 1

by Sollace
“Do not for one moment forget men’s capacity to  cruelty for the allure of darkness corrupts the boldest and brightest of hearts ” 

” Get out ! Get out now ! ” She was orders with a voice intoxicated by pure raw wrath. By her neck she was lifted , the colossal of a man  threw her  out deliberately  through an ungrilled perspex window. The shards tore dip into her skin living splinters within as they scrapped against her bone . The air outside was bleak and the night gown she wore already torn . she tried to stand up and to everyone’s surprise she did . Her black gown dripped of her blood , she knew she was to look for a hospital fast but no longer found a reason to fight for her life  . Those brutes had taken away everything she had . Robbed her of the dreams she held of how  she would grow in the city to be a woman revered and loved by all. Dreams of riches dreams of love dreams of charity dreams of dreams ,now made dust under her uncles feet . She turned to leave , more poor than she came , she never thought she would leave that house , from day one she tried to escape and every time got a fire brand of discipline on her back, 11 they were , so huge that they over lapped each other , what she hated most of it was not the fact that it damaged her flawless yellow skin to dark crumpled up sheet   that would later ooze of green  heavy purse but the fact that it was the families sirename permanently marked on her skin. The last she had was on her face. But even so her visage still was more fair than all the women around her vicinity. The thin dehydrated being walked away from her so called family slowly  dragging towards the gate . Then a voice came from the house “Hey Zara , Don’t forget this , a white bunch was shot out from the front door to her feet , hesitatingly ,she picked it up. She felt its warm tears sting as they flowed from its chick to her open wounds . She looked for its sex and found it to be a girl . For the first time in 3 whole months of unbearable living she almost broke down . she couldn’t believe her eyes . She was with her child for the first time but she did not want to cry because of love but because of the horror she saw. Her child had been defiled . The semen was still fresh . Who does this even to a child as small as this ? she questioned muttering beneath her breath.  She here self was hardly past 14 but had already  lost her virginity in that house which she learned to loath . The child a product from its white painted graphite walls . She couldn’t tell for sure who the father to the child was for she had been rapped by so many she lost count .all the males of the house had had more than enough rounds with her. Even the gateman and cook all had done it . they even let their horny  shepherd dog on her , but it looked like one of her masters who had promised to take her to school as her rich relatives but to hell she was descent by the very ppl she loved more than anything in her little 13 year old world . She was now  in the dark rogue paths  of the street . She pasted through a near by slam,  knowing not where she was heading , caring less of her final destination  . She knew not  why she carried her bastard daughter , was it a call from an angel ,motherly instinct and love … A gypsy looked at her as she past by and saw the dark cloud playing around her soul and she cried when she spread her cards not for the fate of the mother but for the child she carried with her. Zara felt it , she felt her life slowly being sipped out of her body by the Grimripper . She couldn’t take it anymore , she wanted to leave this miserable life . All her emotions came back at once . she now wept bitterly for all she had been through and did not weep before . she remembered  all that  happened in the past year in one flash of a memory . she put the baby down at a compost heap thinking someone would have  a heart to pick her up. She kept on going crying to the God she knew from her happy time in life . Her  stomach wound was now open. She had been removed from the hospital that very same day after giving birth to the child through cesarean… She felt new pain but kept on walking … At the age of the slam she had past through so many ppl but all took no notice of her . offered no aid . acted like she wasn’t there . she had lost much blood . her strength failed her. She feel and rolled down the slop. And her last words was unexpected . “I.. for…give… them “,she said  and closed her eyes . not yet dead
But felt at rest. From the shadows they came… They circled her sniffing . wild dogs from slam . They had followed her all the way and now it was time to feats . They pounced on her at once as a unit , she scremed  and trusted her limbs but couldn’t fight them of. They bit heard through her bone. Not killing her fast first, but eating her alive. one man drunk at the age of the slams boundary peuked at the sight of how they pulled of her leg and hands from her sockets . ripped her eye ball straight from her skull leaving a hollow full of blood. The whole slum heard her .. Even masters had it . her scream would haunt them for life.. And those who rushed to see it would dream this nigh mere over and over till the day of their death. The screams stopped when one of the beasts dug into her chest and pulled of the lungs .  One thing made the drunk sobber up and that was the tear of her face. A dog hooked its  teeth through it and like the sound of a  paper being torn in the middle pulled it straight off her. But what the dogs did was their nature as dogs.. But they had a heart , more of a heart than her uncles anyway….

to be continued…

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